Aconcagua - @therealjohnmule

Well, that’s a wrap! Another great trip down on big dusty.

After a long fall of daddy daycare and as much single track mountain biking as possible I flew south for the Aconcagua season.

We had a small group of folks that continued to bond throughout the experience. Beyond a few snags and hickups along the way this was perhaps one of the smoothest trips I have ever led in Argentina. Part of this was the amazing weather, but more importantly it was the camaraderie and openness the entire team felt with each other. Without the mutual support none of the trip would have been possible.

The team was able to summit on February 1 in perfect weather, and with one hundred of our closest friends. Our summit day was supposedly the last good weather window in a few days, so as per herd mentality there were a ton of climbers headed up.

The team was able to enjoy many libations not only in basecamp, but at Ayelen and Mendoza

Again, great group of climbers and look forward to seeing them on other peaks in the future!