It has been a few months since I last posted, and it has been a wild time!

After getting back from Argentina I quickly packed up our things and drove non-stop to Tacoma, WA. My wife, Katie, started a new job out here and I was eager to be back in the NW more full time. Amongst the chaos of Plaza de Mulas basecamp I found out that we are expecting a new member of the family! All the stress and confusion of basecamp dissipated immediately and my good friend and co-guide Juan and I were in tears. We are officially due in September with a baby boy or girl (we decided not to find out)!

Other than that Katie and I have become the most sedentary either of us have experienced in over a decade. Full time jobs, new house, dog, and now baby on the way. I guess you could say we are settling in a bit.

The past few months out here in the NW have allowed me to explore and climb more than I have in the past. This has included getting back into backcountry skiing after a 6 year hiatus (oh Thailand....), as well as climb a few one day objectives like Chair Peak. I was even able to get down to Smith Rocks for a long weekend with some fellow guides.

Added to the chaos of the summer work season has been planning a personal climbing trip to Bolivia. My good friend Ethan and I have received grants from Alpine Ascents International, The Mazamas, and the American Alpine Club to explore the Mururata Massif in the Cordillera Real. Ever since I began climb over a decade ago, this has been my dream. Feels amazing that it is finally coming together but perhaps at an inconvenient time with the baby en route.

Beyond that I will also be guiding in Mongolia and Russia before the baby is here. Whirlwind tour but all very good things. I feel very fortunate to have a partner that understands my dreams, passions, and love of both the outdoors and family. It will become more of a balancing act once we are parents!

Now with the NW season in full swing I will be running laps on Mount Rainier and Mount Baker. Check out my Upcoming Trips page for more information on open trips.