Wrapping Up

Well, it has come time yet again to keep moving....

The season in Seattle went swimmingly well, better in fact than I could have imagined. It is safe to say that the PNW is indeed the land of milk and honey.

Prior to packing up the apartment and getting a few last trips in, my main goal was to finish the season off doing a personal trip.....the Torment - Forbidden Traverse (TFT). Oh, funny side note here, my last trip up Rainier we were tasked with taking the Major League Soccer Supporters Shield up to the top. 26lbs. of sterling silver and chrome later we got there sans a few clients.

My accomplice on the TFT was a good friend from Chiang Mai, Jonathan. Funny enough, the last time I climbed in Chiang Mai was with Jonathan, and it was the same in Washington.....perhaps this will be a reoccurring theme?

The climb itself went very well, with about 3 minutes of walking on snow and the majority done via skirting the rock ridge. All said and done it took about 16.5 hours (mind you we spent a good 2-3 just messing up the route finding).

Sore but psyched I made my way back to ND. This drive was a test in patience and psychological determination. Now back to Asia, manana!

one of the few selfies ever taken, with Mt. Baker in the background

summit with the shield and Mt. Adams peaking out

guide team photo, Stuart with Coke 148 on the summit

TFT camp

looking good and taking names

breaking out of the fog

can you see the fist pump?

descending from Forbidden