Years End

Life has a tendency to speed up around the holidays. The past few months have been full of activity, illnesses, laughter, sun burns, joyrides, and countless other pieces and parts. In the mayhem I was able to send out some job applications for the coming season, and it looks like we are Seattle bound! Funny how when you are about to leave a place everything becomes that much sweeter. The fact that I may not be back to Thailand for a while hasn't really sunk in, haha there's no time for it. Though it has given me pause to think about all the wonderful friendships and experiences have come from this place, and how fortunate I have been to spend my life here. But it ain't over yet, still have a few more months of good time to be had.

November was a bit hectic for us with both our company retreat and a good friends wedding all in the same week. All of which was based near Chiang Dao, a few hours to the north. We managed to get damn near everyone out for a few day hike up Doi Luang Chiang Dao, which also doubled as a photo shoot , haha. We got back cleaned up and headed over to our friends Jens and Pim's wedding. They opted for both a traditional Thai and western ceremony. It was a blast, and probably the first time in a long while I was able to pound gin and tonics at 9 am and still have it be socially acceptable. Even got a few climbs in the morning after , though I was moving sloooow.

western wedding styles

traditional wedding styles

looking classy

our old friend Pui was back from the states

Our staff were also all part of the annual Chiang Mai Marathon. Some people did the 10k, 21k, and a few brave souls started at 4 am for the full marathon. Post run included a great pig roast and craft brews, not too shabby.

the whole CMRCA family

Katie's friend Sam came over to visit us , so we promptly headed south to the islands. Our first stop was Koh Yao Noi. The island was exactly what was needed, not too overdeveloped and tons of great food. It also still felt like Thailand, which often is lost on the bigger islands that cater to increasing numbers of tourists. After a few nights we popped over to Koh Lanta until just after new years eve. Drastic difference in the number of tourists and atmosphere, but the beaches were perfect. We even did a day trip out to a small set of islands to do some kayakings, swimming, and probably the best snorkeling I have done in Thailand. All the reefs were well preserved and tons of fish and soft coral.

Koh Lanta

always travel via your stomach

pimpin' helmets for the sick whip


not posed

long tail

Had to do a pitstop in Kuala Lumpur at some point to sort out some visa stuff, as well as working a program with the Jump! Foundation. Free time involved tons of delicious Indian food and a trip to Batu Caves. The program went swimmingly and before I could blink I was back in Chiang Mai.

Batu Caves

so wanted to buy one.....

The development at Crazy Horse has been slow and steady over the years, and it is evident in the quality of the climbing. New routes are being put up at Heart Wall, the premier climbing area at Crazy Horse, but it ain't cheap. If you would like to donate to the Bolt Heart Wall fund I would highly encourage it. Check out the video below for inspiration.

Bolt Heart Wall 2015 from Thailand Climbing on Vimeo.