Season Closer

It has been a bit of a whirlwind the last few months. We have worked with a number of schools from all over the world, doing all sorts of activities. Today marks the last day of the high season here in Chiang Mai and time for some rest and relaxation.....sort of. A few days to rebound then off to Vietnam and Burma for a few weeks!

Below is one of the movie trailers that was made by CMRCA for a student group from Bangkok.

Conquering The Crazy Horse from Thailand Climbing on Vimeo.

The last few months have allowed me to work on my guide skills, both technical and the softer skills needed to control and run high impact programs with young people. It feels like I have finally found my rhythm and style, making it a less stressful season than last. Part of this change has been the need to stay present, concentrating on the now and letting the worry of everything else fade away. Constantly having to remind myself to do this and I think it is paying off in many ways. I often think about the poem in the video below, filmed by a good friend Levi Moch, which talks about the work we create. That is all I really have at the moment, but there will be more to come I am sure.