Sticky Waterfalls

Finally made it up to Nam Tok Bua Thong last weekend. This waterfall is nicknamed the "sticky waterfalls" because the limestone there has this strange property in which it suction cups onto your skin. On ground that looks slippery and very steep it is easy to walk up, sort of feels like a side walk. Crazy shit. FYI: to get here take Highway 1001 north of Chiang Mai and past Mae Jo. You will head north for about 25-30 km and then the road turns to the east for another 18 or so. The signage for the place is spot on.

Not posing

Epic climb

Lost a contact

On the way back to Chiang Mai we spotted a giant white temple and decided to go check it out. We stumbled upon  northern Thailand's largest Buddha, maybe?. Regardless it was beautiful and well worth the detour.


Big Buddha, little man

We spent a bit of time on top of Doi Suthep the next day checking out the royal residence. Essentially you pay about 50 baht to walk around and look at everything from afar. Sort of disappointed with how little of the area is open to tourists. Eh, whatever though it was cool to see.

Katie did not wear the right dress, she had to rent these sweet threads.

Best flower picture of the trip, and the only one that was kept.


Overgrown metal things