Midnight Express and Doi Suthep

                Time is flying by already. I have been here a month and still feel like I got here yesterday. It may be due to the busy schedule and cultural adjustment, who knows. The last week was pretty hectic at the shop. We recently took out a writer for the New York Times and as such he wrote an nice article about Pi Taw and the company in general.

                Other than that we have been trying to get a new website up, premiered the Reel Rock Film Tour in SE Asia, and rock climbing at Crazy Horse. My friend Sam, who is working in Bangkok as a teacher, came up this weekend for a nice break. We ended up going out to Crazy Horse for a day of climbing, it was great to see Sam getting comfortable leading. Yesterday we headed up to Wat Doi Suthep, kind of a big deal in Northern Thailand. It was a good time.

Stairs to Doi Suthep

This what I got when I asked Sam to be happy

Doi Suthep

Gold is cool

Again I asked them to act happy, but I got strange instead

A monk painting some dragons

         So, I recently became a hypocrite. I purchased a fixed geared bike here in Chiang Mai after years of bashing them. My main purpose was to look cool with functionality being second and safety third. Actually fixed geared bikes are super cheap here. I bought this bike brand new and was given the choice of crank, head set, handle bars, tape, and pedals. All of this for under 200 green backs. Scooters sound good in theory but you can get anywhere in the city on a bicycle, and if I need a scooter for a longer trip I can rent one for relatively cheap. I've dubbed the new bike Midnight Express, after a pow-wow drum circle group from Montana.

Midnight Express