Fianlly in Chiang Mai

Well, after leaving Denver on the 1st I finally got to Chiang Mai on the 4th. Although the trip was long is was far from the worst travel experience (Logan you can attest to that). Needless to say I made it into Chiang Mai on schedule and was picked up by Add and Ooan and whisked away to the CMRCA shop. Got the run down on the company and what I will be doing for the foreseeable future. Haha I also got a crash course in Thai language from Ooan and Add which has already been extremely useful. Its strange how accustomed to living in foreign countries you become , because I have only been here for less than a day but I feel right at home. Looks like I get the weekend off to recover from the horrendous jet lag I have accumulated because on Monday morning I start taking language lessons at Payap University.