Blue Mounds Trip

Finally got to do some climbing on real rock this weekend down in Blue Mounds State Park, Minnesota. I met up with a few friends in Fargo on Friday night and we cruised down, set up camp, and drank a few beers. The rock formation is really strange down there, as the entire area surrounding Blue Mounds is flat farm land. The exposed bedrock is Sioux Quartzite and has a distinctive red color, which is strange considering its called "Blue" Mounds. I can only assume that from a distance atmospheric effect makes it look blue. Protecting routes here is somewhat difficult due to the nature of the rock , and creative top rope anchors had to be improvised. It was probably the most dirty / slick rock I have climbed in awhile, but that just adds to the fun factor I guess. Turned out to be a pretty great day of climbing and I look forward to going back at some undetermined time in the future.