Travelling Made Easy

Finally made it to southern Chile last night. The process however was as per usual, epic. Our last night in Potes called for a celebration so we all went out to eat at a resurant. Halfway through the dinner Jake, Dan, and I had collective skype interview in the alleyway/womens bathroom. The interviews went well, and afterward Logan and I had the opprotunity to either A. go home with Dennis in the car or B. have a few beers with Dan and Jake. Being our last night out we decided on option B, poor choice. The night consisted of beer, alleyway bouldering, and Dan and Jake getting naked at what we assume was a gay bar. Needless to say Logan and I made the long walk back to the house in the dark, getting back half an hour before we left for Santander. Luckily we had about 16 hours in Santander to sober up before catching the bus to Madrid, which was followed by another 16 hour wait for the flight to leave. After enduring a few flight, including a 14 hour one to Santiago with a French couple going at it the whole time next to me, I arrived in Chile. My ski bag however did not fair so well, as it was gashed wide open with AirFrance tape holding it together. That being said it was a good journey. Met up with Logan, the Swede, and Ian last night and proceeded to have a good feed and some needed rest. Woke up early and hitched into Coyhaique. Yet again I was amazed by the strangness of life. The guys wife was in the back seat moaning and looking very pregnant. He then proceeded to tell me they were en route to the hospital because she was about to give birth.....awkward.... Well, a few days off and then onto the ice cap, may even try climbing San Valintine.