Pico de Miel, La Hacha, y Pedriza

We have finally started doing some more trad routes here in northern Spain. We recently took a trip down to Madrid to climb at Pico de Miel, La Hacha, and the granite mecca of Pedriza. Other than that we have been frequenting El Salomon and Fuente De. Hopefully we will be able to get on Naranja de Blumes soon.

Returno del Mechas, 7a

Some archaeology up at Fuente De

Dan shaving Jakes back....totally natural

Pico de Miel

Dan and I up 3 pitches

Jono was eating this icecream which looks suspiciously like an aroused dog

Tough life car camping

La Hacha

9a route

Espcio Accion, Madrid

Plaza Mayor, Madrid

Pedriza with Madrid in the background

We climbed the far right route, was a 5+ but felt like a 6b