Siestas are pretty ok.

Spain is a pretty all right place. The last few weeks have been a slow introduction to the massive mounds of paperwork we need to finish for our WEA certifications. We even all became Leave No Trace Trainers in the process.
            Most of our days consist of classes in the morning followed by a siesta and then a trip down to the local crag (rocas negras) or the rock gym. All of us, except maybe Jono, have been slowly getting our finger and arm strength back. Alfredo, a local guide and one of our instructors, took us all out for a canyoneering trip down the Nevado River a few days back which helped break up the monotony. Haha we also all started watching Dexter, some crazy TV series that Jono had on his computer. Life is strange.
            Turns out we have about a week off before the rock module starts so we decided to hire an old Defender from a British ex-pat and go gallivant. Most likely we will end up climbing and surfing at the beach drinking cheap wine and cheese. We may do some exploring up some canyons and limestone walls; there is even one sport climb that takes place totally inside a cave (headlamps needed). Should be a pretty good time. Oh, and we decided on what we are doing for our independent climbing trip. We figured since we will be in South America it makes sense to just climb there, so we are going to do San Lorenzo and Cerro Castillo. Two smaller trips with multiple objectives on each.

La casa

Our village

Rocas Negras

Rio Nevado