We had a few days off after the ski trip, so I decided to head up to Fairbanks and see some old friends. It was nice to relax a bit and get some gear for this upcoming 120 mile traverse of the Chugach. Saw all the sights, which was limited, and ate a lot of food. My body is still able to metabolize a copious amount of calories, so I took the opportunity to indulge heavily. I think I ate at Cold Stone at least 6 times with the minimum of a double gotta have it everytime. I finally got to go out to Chena hot springs this time round, though it looses a bit of ambiance when its 40 degrees out instead of -40, and in broad daylight. That being said, it was a pretty enjoyable trip. Now back to rations planning and getting gear in order......fun.

Alyeska Pipeline

North Pole
Chena Hot Springs