Food Coma

Today was borderline nightmarish. The last few days we have been figuring out rations for the 21 day ski course ahead. Needless to say not everyone had different tastes and different ideas of how much food will be needed. I guess that's group bonding? Thank god for Costco, Walmart, and AMH. Costco was a shitshow today with all the people in town for the ice festival, xc ski race, and it being Friday.  Thankfully however we all made it out of the belly of the beast unscathed and under budget. I'm dreading the rations planning for the 42 day mountaineering trip.........shiiit. Oh well that's all part of it I guess, just glad to be done with it. Although I bet we will be out there freezing our asses off in a 4 day blizzard thinking, "fuck, we need more food." Time to relax and get ready for some ice climbing tomorrow.