Brain Melting

Yeah, projectors are pretty alright for watching movies.
Logan had a spinal injury.
For the last week or so we have all been doing classes to become Wilderness First Responder certified..........sensory overload.  We spend everyday 9am to 5pm in a single room looking at slides and listening to lectures. Then at the end of each day we sleep in the same room. Needless to say the world has become like one big ground hogs day, repeating over and over. We all signed up to be outside the majority of the time, haha and we are all going stir crazy. But this is all part of it I guess. Too much to remember in such a short time span.......I need an lobotomy. Volume shock, increased intracranial pressure, distal CSM, and pneumothorastic punctures are now firmly seated in my lexicon. I'm U on AVPU.

Oh, did I mention we acquired a projector? Movie night, every night.