I was being French-Canadian.

We spent the first day of the ski course at Alyeska, a ski resort in Girdwood. It started out pretty slow with the guides just going over basic techniques, etc, etc. Needless to say it became obvious that Jono would need some one on one time with a guide. Jono has skied approximately zero days, that being said he is picking it remarkably fast. I haven't been downhill skiing in ages so it was a little bit of a re-learning experience for me, especially with the new boot/ski set up. I think I'm becoming an old man, its hard for me to learn and improve skills and I find myself feeling out of control. But whatever, I just have to suck it up and put in the mileage to get better. We did a quick climbing skin portion, which is similar to xc skiing, at the end of the day which made me feel a bit better about my skiing ability. We were playing with the idea of doing some super tame ice climbs after dinner but I think we will wait for the morning.