Mongolia - 2019

Wrapping up another successful trip here in western Mongolia. We had are fair share of challenges along the way, but stayed in flexibility mode. Delayed flights, broken vans, and unusual weather didn’t dissuade us from having a good time. With only 1.5 days of good weather we were able to climb Mount Khuiten and Nairamdal Peak!

Still amazed at the landscape and generosity of the people here. Looking forward to flying home, but also sad to leave. Hope to see you again next year Mongolia!

Elbrus - 2019

This post is a bit delayed to the hectic nature of the high season, apologies! Our trip to Mount Elburs in the Caucasus went exceedingly well. Utilizing a hotel in the town of Azau we completed multiple days of acclimatization on Mount Cheget (10,000ft) and then took multiple forays on the lower flanks of Elbrus itself (up to 15,500 ft).

Weather this early in the season was a bit unstable, with large thunderstorms in the afternoons. Being able to retreat to a warm shower, great food, and beer was a huge help! Summit day was a bit windy but we got 3 of our 4 climbers to the top of Europe. With an extra day to spare we were even able to do a short hike up the amazing Terskol Valley.

Having a great crew of climbers cannot be overstated. I feel fortunate to be able to guide great folks like this!

Dad Life

Dad life has been challenging but extremely rewarding these past few months. Between mountain bike races, European travels, and balancing guiding it has been hectic to say the least!